Val Isa

Jedi Master


Jedi Master Val Isa was a Mirialan woman who lived thousands of years ago, during the Mandalorian Wars.


Val Isa gave up her lightsaber for a paintbrush, trading the life of a warrior for that of an artist.

However, a vision of a Jedi temple covered in blood compelled her to re-purpose an old Hammerhead-class cruiser into a mobile hospital and temple. her goal was to ensure that no matter what might befall the Jedi, their traditions could live on.

Master Val Isa was killed while protecting her students from Mandalorian warriors who boarded her ship.

Val Isa is now believed to have been a talented but insane painter with delusions of grandeur. Her most famous works are a 4 painting series of elements: Air, Water, Fire, and Earth.

Val Isa

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