Twi'lek - Mystic - Advisor

  • Brawn – 1
  • Agility – 2
  • Intellect – 3
  • Cunning – 3
  • Willpower – 2
  • Presence – 3
  • Soak: 2
  • W. Threshold: 11
  • S. Threshold: 13
  • M/R Defense: 0 | 0

General Skills: Charm 2, Deception 4, Leadership 1, Negotiation 2, Perception 1, Streetwise 1

Combat Skills: Ranged[Light] 1

Knowledge Skills: Core Worlds 1, Education 2, Lore 1, Outer Rim 2

Talents: Kill with Kindness, Nobody’s Fool, Plausible Deniability 1

Abilities: Desert Dwellers

Equipment: Light Blaster, Heavy Clothing, Datapad


Born on the planet Ryloth from an imprisoned village, Zuke (as he was later named) was sold to an Empire Slave ship as a young boy. Able to read and write at an early age, he was taken to Coruscant and there was put in the service of the powerful Senator Domaran. When the Senate was dissolved, Domaran became a political liaison, spreading the iron fist of the Empire under the guise of diplomatic missions. For years Zuke traveled at Domaran’s side. A quick study, Zuke learned the ways and customs of dozens of systems as he traveled to every corner of the galaxy with his master. Beginning as a simple errand boy, Zuke progressed to become almost a pupil of Domaran’s, learning the sly and manipulative ways of a politician.

During Zuke’s 15th year of service, Domaran was assigned to travel to the planet Kessel and arrange the new terms of the Empire’s spice agreement. With negotiations failing, Domaran sold Zuke to the Kessel Royal Family in exchange for more agreeable terms. Zuke was immediately chained and sent to the barren north of the Kessel spice mines. There he remained for a year, biding his time until he was able to escape as a stowaway with an outgoing shipment. Having considered himself an asset to both his master and the empire, Zuke felt betrayed that he was so carelessly dismissed. He swore from the day of his escape that he would dedicate his life to destroying the empire… and exact his revenge on Senator Domaran.


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